'Indie Retro' Groove Into Our Newest Collection! 🌈🌿

We can tell you guys have been feeling the groovy vibes at Gemini by Guy so we decided to add the 'Indie Retro' collection for you to all enjoy these exclusive 70s, vintage, exciting vibes. 

Come on Gemini Babes as we build you the PERFECT vintage outfit from our 'Indie Retro' collection! 🌈🌿

FIRST! A top from our Indie Retro collection to wear:
Indie Fairycore Knitted Casual Long-Sleeve Top
SECOND! A bottom from our Indie Retro collection to wear:
Brown Wide Leg Denim Loose Jeans
THIRD! An accessory from our Indie Retro collection to wear:

Vintage Beach Pearl Beaded Necklace

You would look amaze in this Gemini by Guy items! Shop now and wear clothing from 'Indie Retro!' 

All items present featured from Gemini by Guy.


  • YetiYetiYeti

    i bought the necklaces but stream lisa

  • kakakaja

    honestly i want everything from this store 😩😩😩

  • Zuzu


  • Aurora

    I’m buying the vintage beach pearl necklace! So pretty!

  • india

    beachhhhh this is cu

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