At Gemini by Guy, our goal is to offer you the best shipping options, no matter where you live. Every day, we deliver to hundreds of customers across the world, ensuring that we provide the very highest levels of responsiveness to you at all times.

With Gemini Fast, you can expect to wait a lot less for processing and shipping times.

The average wait for fulfillment can range at the highest from '14-30 days' as written in shipping policy; but with Gemini Fast you can expect your order within 3-10 days. The shipping and processing rate is up to 50% less than the average wait. Gemini by Guy does not guarantee this rate. Extra(s) may apply.

We've added this option for those that seek to have their items sooner and would like to provide options for all our customers as our main goal has always been inclusion in every way possible. 

To find items you can receive with Gemini Fast you can shop here:

To also find items you can receive with Gemini Fast you can search for the clear label 'Gemini Fast' in the titles of items at Gemini by Guy. 

Gemini by Guy does not guarantee anything from Gemini Fast or guarantee the rates listed. Extra(s) may apply.