This is the Official Page for the Ambassadors at Gemini by Guy.

Our ambassadors fully represent Gemini by Guy in their aesthetic, style, and singular variety in every way.

We actively seek to show variety at Gemini by Guy in not only our clothing, but our ambassadors; as our ambassadors showcase the faces of our brand.

Diversity is within the very brand of Gemini by Guy, and it will forever be within the faces of Gemini by Guy. 

Welcome to the Many Faces of Gemini by Guy:

Maggie — @MaggieLivings (Australia)

 Quote: "My love of fashion goes hand in hand with my love of trying new styles to express myself; the angel and rebel sides of Gemini by Guy are perfect for me to try new styles!"

Quote: "In being creator of Gemini by Guy, I'm really happy to not only be able to represent diversity within my own company, but within the world of fashion as whole. Representation is and always has been my goal within everything I do, and to be able to bring that to others so they can find themselves easily when I've known it to be so difficult to find those like me within this realm, is one of my happiest achievements."

Six — @Chuupiee (USA) 

Quote: "I love to express myself with fashion! Gemini by Guy helps me add a cute twist to any of my outfits!"

Quote: "La mode a toujours étais une façon pour moi de m’exprimer, a pousser les murs de ma créativité et bien plus.. Gemini By Guy m’aide à voir plus loin et à essayer de nouveau styles!"
Translation: "Fashion has always been a way for me to express myself, to push the walls of my creativity and more.. Gemini By Guy helps me to see further and to try new styles!"

Quote: "Fashion you can buy, but style you possess. The key to style is learning who you are, which takes years, and Gemini by Guy is absolutely a source of inspiration to find and enrich your own style."                                                

We at Gemini by Guy are so happy to feature such diverse individuals from different backgrounds to showcase fashion in a different light. We're very grateful to have such individualistic models for representation so that everyone can find themselves at ease at Gemini by Guy.