Gemini by Guy's Actions Towards a Sustainable Environment 

Gemini by Guy sees that environmental sustainability is needed urgently especially in the section of the fashion industry. We at Gemini by Guy seek to eradicate this problem with chosen solutions in order for a more sustainable environment. We at Gemini by Guy are making great strides already but we see that we still have a long way to go.

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Carbon Neutral Orders

Gemini by Guy has partnered with EcoCart in their efforts to ensure that orders in their entire transit time are made carbon neutral. By offering the option at checkout for making one's order carbon neutral, Gemini by Guy demonstrates its efforts for sustainability. 

EcoCart calculates the emissions created from your order and then donates that dollar amount to reduce those emissions to projects that provide sustainability.

Carbon offsets are an amazing way to reduce one's carbon footprint as basically everything creates emissions. By using carbon offsets, the carbon emitted is counteracted.

Carbon offsets are especially needed for the fashion industry in terms of shipping; as ground shipping from any source can create tons of issues for the environment. But Gemini by Guy offers an aid to this issue by offering carbon neutral orders.

Here is the current impact made by Gemini by Guy implementing Carbon Neutral Orders: 


This is the current project funded for carbon offsets with Gemini by Guy. All words, photographs, etc. are from EcoCart's website linked here:

Located in Acre, Brazil, this project is aiding in the protection of the Amazon Rainforest. This project is verified by Verra known also as Verified Carbon Standard.

'90% of Brazil’s Acre state is forested, but current rates of destruction mean by 2030 this could decline to 65%. This collection of three projects aims to prevent deforestation across 105,000 hectares of pristine rainforest in the Amazon basin, protecting some of the world’s most biodiverse habitats. Tropical forests are the most biodiverse habitats on Earth, home to 70% of the Earth's species of plants and animals. The projects work with communities and local groups to help protect ecosystem services while providing alternative models of economic development which avoid the destruction of the forest.' - From EcoCart's Website

Here are the benefits from this project:

  1. 'Protects endangered and vulnerable species of animals, including eight IUCN species.' - From EcoCart's Website
  2. 'Trains families on how to grow bananas, chickpeas, cassava, and corn; the processing of fish; rearing organic pigs, and using rotational cattle pastures. The goal is to increase yields and help make these agricultural activities more profitable.' - From EcoCart's Website
  3. 'Facilitates doctor visits from local towns on a periodic basis and refurbished or built four health clinics.' - From EcoCart's Website 
  4. 'Educates local communities about improved agricultural techniques while monitoring unsustainable uses of the forest, the projects are mitigating deforestation and helping to protect the area’s rich biodiversity.' - From EcoCart's Website

    Here you can see the carbon reduced and the hectares of land that are protected: 

    For photographs and more on this project visit EcoCart's website for more: 


    Other Efforts towards Sustainability 

    Gemini by Guy's utilizes other efforts in its progress towards making a more sustainable planet. 

    We at Gemini by Guy are paperless and identify to be about 99.99% paperless.

    • One tree on average produces just about 17 reams of paper, but also takes 100 years to grow that paper. By being 99.99% paperless there is a direct impact made on reducing the overall carbon footprint. 
    • It also helps the increase the reduction of C02 (carbon dioxide) emissions. Turning that one tree into 17 reams of paper results in around 110 lbs of C02 being released into the environment. Every tree that isn't cut for the making of paper is able to absorb C02 gasses. The average tree can absorb around a ton- 2,000 lbs- of C02 in its lifetime. Also, the average tree is able to absorb around a ton or 2,000 pounds of C02 in its lifetime.

    Gemini by Guy attempts to avoid leather, fur, mohair and all animal-based fibers in the manufacturing of its items. Gemini by Guy does not identify as a vegan brand. Gemini by Guy does not guarantee that there are no animal-based fibers in the clothing produced, manufactured, distributed or at all. 

    • Wearing fur is a contribution to the destruction of the environment. Fur isn't biodegradable, due to chemical treatments applied for fur preservation. Fur also aids in contaminating water supplies and poisoning the world's ecosystem.

    • Like the treatment of fur and wool, leather treatment involves the use of harsh chemicals like chromium for tanning purposes. Leather manufacturing also produced copious amounts of methane, which is at least 20 times as potent as any greenhouse gas such as carbon dioxide. 

    • The carbon footprint for any cattle raised, and in regards to the fashion industry, is devastating in its impacts to the planet creating climate change. 

    We at Gemini by Guy use Shop Pay as one of our main payment methods.

    • 'Every time a customer places an order using Shop Pay, Shopify funds carbon removal to counteract the impact on the planet at no extra cost.' - Shopify

    We at Gemini by Guy uses a 100% carbon-neutral platform.

    • 'Data centers have historically been a big source of greenhouse gas emissions. In 2018, we decommissioned all of our data servers and shifted entirely to Google Cloud. Google matches 100% of the energy consumed by Google Cloud with renewable energy, enabling us to run a completely carbon-neutral platform.' - Shopify

    Gemini by Guy uses mainly recyclable materials for a lot of its shipping. The use of recyclable materials for shipping is central to sustainability as it aids in the savings of materials that can be reused instead of ending up in landfills.



    As we move into the future, Gemini by Guy hopes to make more progress in the world of fashion not just in terms of bringing diversity but bringing more sustainability practices in order; and therefore create a better environment all in all. We hope to move towards more sustainable ways of manufacturing, shipping, and to move towards more water-saving action very soon for our sustainability actions. Gemini by Guy is also hoping to move towards a complete use of biodegradable materials for packaging. Gemini by Guy is constantly improving and seeking to bring about more change in the area of growing sustainability for the environment.

    This was last updated on November 18, 2022. 


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